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Sustainability is at our very core and is essential to understanding our project. We believe in sustainability 360º which involves and benefits students, employees, the environment and the society of which we are a part.

For this reason, at Northius we work to improve our environmental, social and business commitment.

Emissions reduction.

Offsetting our carbon footprint to become a company with a positive climate impact.

Free and open access to sustainability training.

Increase the professional integration of people with disabilities and at risk of social exclusion.
We do this both within Northius and through our training and work placement programmes.

Collaboration with charities
such as the Red Cross, Save the Children, food banks or Caritas.

Implementation of e-learning projects to improve access to online training platforms for people with disabilities.

Policies to attract and retain talent.


Our conduct manual and ethical code include the best practices that our company, employees and collaborators must carry out and open a channel of communication so that anyone can easily and anonymously present their concerns, complaints or assessments. We also have a harassment protocol and measures to prevent corruption.

Improvements in cybersecurity.

Process optimisation through artificial intelligence.

Sustainability Report 2022

We disclose our vision for the future and goals for the coming years.

Sustainability Policy

It reflects our commitment as a company at an environmental, social and governance level.

Schools and projects

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