Northius has collected more than 800 books to help set up a women’s shelter in India

  • The company wants to thank students and employees for their help in raising money to set up a project in Ashroy (India). A project Northius is supporting  with the cooperation of AidaBooks.


Northius, the leading company in the Spanish training sector along with the charity Aida Books, has collected 807 books in a campaign launched in schools and headquarters. Thanks to 65,000 students from 12 educational institutions in all sectors, teachers and employees, Northius has collected enough books to raise the necessary funds to contribute to the creation of a shelter for women who suffer from violence and abuse in Ashroy (India).

“For us, the campaign has been a success thanks to the collaboration of all the people who make the Northius Group possible: students, employees and teaching staff”, explained Northius Sustainability Officer Héctor Pérez. “We develop our sustainability strategy hand in hand with different NGOs involved in education, culture and sustainability,” Pérez added. “That is why Northius will continue to promote initiatives like this one. We want to achieve a fairer, more caring and sustainable society”, he added his thanks to Aidabooks for the collaboration.

After the book drive organized by Northius, it is Aidabooks’ turn to get those books sold at low prices, contributing to the dual aim of making knowledge available to all while carrying out a social and solidary activity.


About Northius

We are the result of a successful partnership of experienced educational institutions that share the same objective: the training and development of future professionals. Our aim is to impact society through quality training. We currently have 65,000 active students and more than 35,000 new enrolments yearly.

The group has more than 40 educational centres throughout the Iberian Peninsula. It also has a significant presence in other European countries (Belgium, Denmark, England, Ireland and the Netherlands) and Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico).

Northius is made up of 12 educational institutions: CEAC, Unisport, Deusto Formación, Deusto Salud, Campus Training, CEMP, Mint, Tokio School, Treintaycincomm, Nubika, Flou and CEAC FP.


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