Fernando Aguilar: “Internationalisation is the key to the growth of the EdTech sector”.

– The head of International Expansion at Northius took advantage of his presentation to the students of the Trinity College Master’s Degree in International Management, visiting A Coruña, to analyse the keys to the international market in the growth of the education sector.

– In a conference in which he shared the microphone with representatives of the University of Coruña (UDC), Inditex, Estrella Galicia and Kibus, Fernando Aguilar pointed out the importance of understanding globalisation “as an advantage and an opportunity” in the business environment.



The private education sector is booming, but not only in Spain. More and more companies dedicated to distance education are seeking to open up a niche in a growing international market that has been demanding training courses that are truly focused on the labour market, and the necessary flexibility to adapt them to each new student.

This breadth of vision in terms of the educational market, and the enormous possibilities of the EdTech sector, were the main bases of the presentation with which Fernando Aguilar presented the Northius group to the students of the Master’s in International Management at Trinity College. The head of International Expansion of the brand, based in A Coruña and present in 18 countries in Europe and Latin America, has a clear message: “The global EdTech market has multiplied in recent years. From almost $90 million in 2018, it has gone on to exceed $227 million in business in 2022, and the outlook continues to rise”.

And it is in this context that Northius has strengthened its commitment to applying technology to a business, training, in which it has more than 10 years of experience. “This allows us to be more competitive, taking advantage of all the benefits that this globalisation offers us without losing sight of the main focus: to offer students training that will really allow them to face the labour market with solvency”.

For Aguilar, the internationalisation of the sector is not the future, “it is the present”, he explains, “in the same way that the application and absorption of all the technologies within our reach is. Twenty years ago it was unthinkable to train without books, today it is unthinkable to train without a good online platform, and in a few years it will seem like science fiction to train without the complement of Artificial Intelligence. What makes the difference between business projects that address these issues is not whether they do it or not, but whether they are able to do it rationally, and in a pioneering way. This is what makes them winning projects.”

From Northius’ perspective, explains its Head of International Expansion, this strategy is the key to growth “as long as it is combined with personalisation. For us, offering each student a personalised training experience adapted to their needs is absolutely key, and experience has shown that this is the way forward.”


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