Susana Sánchez: “The implementation of AI in companies is gonna make managers retrain themselves”.

– Northius deputy director believes this implementation will affect senior management more directly than the teams themselves.

– Artificial intelligence does not mean fewer staff, but it does mean greater specialisation and efficiency in processes, as well as a more creative way of working.

– According to the educational group, the training trends with the greatest potential are in the fields of technology, Industry 4.0, bio-health and audiovisual creation.


A Coruña, 14th April 2023.- Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. Its implementation in companies is already a reality, and its impact will reach further than we can glimpse at first glance. This was confirmed by Northius, a leading group in the training sector in Spain, during the Spanish Economic Forum.

“We already work with artificial intelligence, both in our internal processes and from a training perspective. Some of our school brands, such as Tokio School or MINT, have long had specialised training courses in applied artificial intelligence, which are constantly being renewed and updated,” explains Susana Sánchez, deputy director of Northius. “We know that in the field of training, AI is a revolution that is here to stay”.

“We have experienced industrial and technological revolutions before,” says Susana Sánchez, “the big difference between the previous ones and the current revolution, driven by artificial intelligence, is that it will affect white collars more than blue collars: management teams will have to adapt the most in order not to be left behind”.

Sánchez is also clear that AI is here to stay, and will be applied to all jobs “but it will not mean fewer jobs, people are irreplaceable”, he points out. “This technology will streamline processes and allow people to focus on the most creative parts or where direct contact brings more value.

The company has been able to adapt to the demands of its stakeholders, students and companies, given that “there are currently many students who train despite working or doing other activities”, says Sánchez, who adds that the Northius Group’s schools “put the student at the centre” of their decisions, which is why “we have adapted the training to their lifestyle, whatever branch it may be”.


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Trends in training

Northius has detected a major change in society’s training trends, with the priority branches now being technology, industry 4.0, the bio-health field and audiovisual creation, as “an increase of 30% is expected in the search for training in this sector”, he stresses.

“All this is in addition to the most important trend of all: training focused on employability,” Sánchez points out. “The concept of the student who focuses all his or her efforts on training and then looks for a job is obsolete. The reality is that we train for life nowadays, and it is essential that training courses offer that adaptability that allows us to personalise them, to fit them into our lives. And, of course, they must focus on employability. Students want to find a job, or improve the job they already have”.

The question, says Sánchez, is eliminating the gap between what companies demand and what training schools offer, “and we achieve this by being in real contact with the sector. Our schools have more than 12,000 active agreements with leading companies, which offer internships to our students, and, at the same time, allow us to know first-hand what the business sector demands. This is how we manage to create training courses that are truly adapted to the market”, she points out, “thanks to real contact with the business sector, which other schools do not have, and which allows us to apply these demands to training courses quickly, something that public training is much more complicated to do, due to the bureaucratic time involved”.

The company, whose schools have more than 65,000 active students and 35,000 new students each year, can respond through the digitalisation of its training and adaptability to the needs of each person through the 12 training brands that make up the group: CEAC, Unisport, Deusto Formación, Deusto Salud, Campus Training, CEMP, Mint, Tokio School, Treintaycincomm, Nubika, Flou and CEAC FP.


About Northius

Northius, a leading training group in Spain with more than 1,000 employees, integrates experienced training institutions with the same objective: the training and preparation of the professionals of the future. It currently has 65,000 active students and more than 35,000 new enrolments per year.

The group has more than 40 training centres throughout the Iberian Peninsula. It also has an important presence in other European countries (Belgium, Denmark, England, Ireland and the Netherlands) and Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico).

Northius is made up of 12 training institutions: CEAC, Unisport, Deusto Formación, Deusto Salud, Campus Training, CEMP, Mint, Tokio School, Treintaycincomm, Nubika, Flou and CEAC FP.


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