Northius participates in the human resources manager conference organised by Cre100do in Madrid

  • The company is scheduled to take part in two events: the Recruiting Hell event, which EBF is organising in A Coruña, and the ‘Muller e Empresa’ round table that will be held at Nordés Club Empresarial.


A Coruña, 7 de marzo de 2023.- On Thursday, March 9th, Northius is scheduled to attend the annual conference organised by Cre100do in Madrid. The conference aims to enhance relationships among talent managers and examine leadership trends, which reflects Northius’ commitment to ongoing advancement in its sector.

The event, which several prominent human resources professionals will attend, will focus on the importance of promoting people analytics, hybrid work formats and the integration of young talent, among other topics, with this goal in mind.

“Participating in this event reflects our commitment to continuously improving our training courses to meet the needs of over 65,000 students and 1,000 employees who work hard to adapt to the professional market’s needs and the students’ concerns,” said Patricia Acedo, Director of Human Resources at Northius.


Northius’ commitment to talent

The company aims to assist people in accomplishing their professional goals by promoting honesty, professionalism, and enthusiasm. Furthermore, the company is participating this week in the EBF-organized event, Recruiting Hell, where individuals seeking employment can present themselves to professionals and receive direct feedback from experienced and knowledgeable individuals on how to attain their job placement objectives.

As a part of its dedication to creating a more equitable society concerning social and employment opportunities, the company will join the ‘Women and Business’ round table organised by AJE Coruña at the Nordés Club Empresarial.

The event aims to emphasise the presence of women in business and entrepreneurship. Northius’ Communications Director, María Nieto, will speak at the event, reflecting the Group’s pledge to foster female talent, reinforce women’s leadership, and encourage their involvement in decision-making.

“As a symbol of our commitment to building a better society, we are contributing to promoting female talent on Women’s Day,” said Susana Sánchez, Deputy Director. “Northius is firmly committed to reducing inequalities in all areas, as demonstrated by the company’s dedication to work-life balance and fostering female talent,” she added.

The company upholds its dedication to accomplishing professional objectives by implementing a programme to promote the employability-oriented training of marginalised groups and their integration into the labour market. Such groups include women, particularly those over the age of 45 who are long-term unemployed, individuals with disabilities, migrants, and those at risk of social exclusion based on their race or ethnicity. The programme has a budget of €1 million for training grants and includes a project that employs artificial intelligence to assist the integration of these groups into the workforce.


About Northius

We are the result of a successful partnership of experienced educational institutions that share the same objective: the training and development of future professionals. Our aim is to impact society through quality training. We currently have 65,000 active students and more than 35,000 new enrolments yearly.

The group has more than 40 educational centers throughout the Iberian Peninsula. It also has a significant presence in other European countries (Belgium, Denmark, England, Ireland and the Netherlands) and Latin America (Argentina, Colombia, Costa Rica, Chile, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Panama, Uruguay, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico).

Northius is made up of 12 educational institutions: CEAC, Unisport, Deusto Formación, Deusto Salud, Campus Training, CEMP, Mint, Tokio School, Treintaycincomm, Nubika, Flou and CEAC FP.



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