Stock market and investment training centre specialised in the Value Investing methodology.


Our sub-brand of CEAC oriented towards Official Vocational Training.


A dynamic civil service examination academy with its own teaching method – “Compás”. Goodbye to traditional competitive examination academies… hello, Flou!


Our centre specialising in the veterinary sector. Taught by “Animal Lovers” to “Animal Lovers”… Nubika’s strength lies in its qualified professionals, specialised in the field of animal care.

Treintaycinco mm

Our audiovisual school of the #TalentMakers specialising in bringing out the most creative side of students in different disciplines such as dubbing, production, directing and photography – amongst many others.

Tokio New Tecnhnology School

Our online technology school that trains veritable ‘digital samurais’ – the professionals of the future present!


Our online training centre for industry, technology and sustainability. This is the school for those who want to update their skills and perform the most in-demand functions in the new industrial landscape.


The first business school in the sports sector, specialised in training sports managers.