The educational group for specialised training

We are the educational platform for those who choose to train to work in what they are passionate about.
All our schools are characterised by offering flexible, specialised and high-quality training. We are oriented towards the future, ensuring that we can all be what we want to be.

What drives us

Training as a driving force, as an opportunity, as an impulse. It is what we believe in. It is what we work for and what we are experts in.

Northius foundations

We introduce people to their future career and bring them closer to training programmes that suit their personality and skills. We know what the industry demands, and we work to ensure that it’s our students who get ahead.


We offer specialised, flexible and up-to-date training that responds to the demands of the industry. We apply continuous improvement processes and work to exceed the expectations of our students


The training programmes offered by our schools are focused on one goal: the professional development of the student. Our training programmes are developed by professionals within each sector, with a practical focus and designed to respond to the needs of the market. We bridge the gap between wanting a job - and actually getting it…

Job placement

Our schools

They are highly-specialised, with their own personality and with a clear objective…to enhance the employability of students. Our schools and educational centres have their eyes firmly set on their goals.

A sustainable model

Sustainability is in our DNA. At Northius we are convinced that the best future is built with a comprehensive strategy that includes corporate, social and environmental commitments.

ESG Northius


Committed to the environment


Committed to people


Committed to ourselves